Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As Luck Would Have It

Many years ago while visiting a friend in Bakersfield, Calif. I stumbled across a little known wine region called Paso Robles. On my first visit I wasn't very impressed, it didn't look like your typical California wine country. As a matter of fact it looked more like cattle country, after driving around for a while I stopped at a small winery called Hearthstone Vinyard, after about an hour and many OMG'S I started to wonder if they knew how good their wines were. I walked away with a bottle of Pearl (Roussanne and Viognier blend). On my way I stopped at a store in Templeton and bought a small loaf of French bread and continued on down highway 41 towards Morro Bay, as I crested a small hill there directly in front of me was a scene that I will never forget. There before me stretched the Pacific ocean and the sun was starting to take its daily dip. It was truly an amazing sight and AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT on the left side of the road was a pull off which I took advantage of, and I knew then that the bottle of Pearl would never make it to the little seafood restaurant in Morro Bay.

Until next time, remember life is too short for bad shoes and bad wine.............cheers Jack

Jack Nims is part owner of UnWINEd - a boutique wine shoppe in Anchorage, Alaska. Check back here for more to come in a series about how he got his start in the loving wine business.

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