Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Have a Glass of Wine...Now What?

First of all, you have a glass of, you are living pretty nice right now. Are you now staring at this glass? Unsure of what's next? "Do I get a straw?" you ask yourself. "Do I spill it on my pants and then ring said pants out into a second glass and then drink from that new glass this delicious concoction of pants wine?" You mumble aloud while surveying this utterly ridiculous situation that you have put yourself in.

Get a hold of yourself man!

You are going to do the following this order
  1. Look. The color should be bright and beautiful, not foggy, cloudy or gross looking. 
  2. Swirl. Swirling the wine around in the glass releases the aromatics and makes it dizzy.
  3. Smell. Stick your nose deep into the glass and inhale. Try and decipher what you are smelling. Citrus, plum, wood, tobacco? Check to make sure there are no wood chips or cigarette butts in the glass before the next step.
  4. Taste. Finally. Drink it. Sip the wine and hold it in your mouth for a bit, roll it around, bring air in through your lips to release the aromas. If no specific tastes overwhelm you then this is a well-balanced wine with fantastic manners.
  5. Jump. For joy. Put down your glass first.
Congratulations, you have tasted your wine. If you are tasting several wines in a row it can be a wise idea to spit the wine out during the tasting...that's a waste of delicious wine but to each their own.

Don't drink and drive. Don't drink bad wine.


Amber is the manager of UnWINEd - a boutique wine shoppe. She works there all of the time...unless it's her day off. She loves to give advice on things that you don't care about but should. For that she says, "You're welcome."

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