Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's All In The Label

How do you pick out a bottle of wine? Do you only go back to your old stand-by? Do you only drink Merlot? (Good God man!) Do you stand in the center of the store, close your eyes, point a finger and spin around? Do you pick a pretty label?

If you said pick a pretty label then you are pretty much like everyone else. Well, not EVERYONE, you know what I mean. I mean, you're like me...I do that. No shame.

I've been told that studies have been done in regards to wine sales based on bottle label and fanciness. I'm sure these studies are wonderful and informative. Honestly I just cannot read one more thing and therefore have no solid information for you here, except for what I'm about to tell you based on my own experience. That's what matters. Right? Yes. You are so kind.

My example will be using a wine that we carry right here at UnWINEd, Villicana Winery and Vineyard Estate Cabernet. First off, I LOVE a great Cabernet. Love love love love. YUM. Seriously. Love that stuff. We have several fantastic Cabs on our shelves, I always have a new love to share with my customers. Well, there sat the Villicana. I wasn't able to taste it when we brought it in and then it just sat on my "to drink" list. (Don't you guys wish that your job required you to have a "to drink" list...be jealous.) There was just something about it though, I wasn't in the mood.

There it is. The label. It's nice...but not my favorite. I know you are probably thinking, "Geez. What a jerk. Not trying a wine because the label isn't her cup of tea...rude." But, seriously, give me a break. I had already tried all of these other Cabs that I loved and this label was just bleh.

I went one evening to visit one of the owners (also my step-dad, Jack) and of course we were enjoying wine. He brought a glass and said, "Try this Cab, you are going to fall in love with it, marry it and then divorce it because you think it's too perfect for you and it's giving you a complex."

You guys. It was lovely. Big when it needed to be big, smooth when it needed to be smooth. Flavors in all the right places if you know what I'm sayin'. "What is this heavenly beast?"

"Villicana." Gasp. Be still my beating heart. Delicious. Moral of the story is: don't always trust the label if you aren't attracted to it. Some good news though...they've changed the label.

Simple. Elegant. Lovely.

It's sexy. That label is one sexy beast, we are on our honeymoon right now and my complex is already developing.

Don't drink and drive. Don't drink bad wine.


Amber is the manager of UnWINEd - a boutique wine shoppe. She works there all of the time...unless it's her day off. She loves to give advice on things that you don't care about but should. For that she says, "You're welcome."

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