Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tolle House, Paso Robles

I recently completed a wine sourcing trip to Paso Robles. Like so many trips before I am very pleased with the wines that we were able to find for UnWINEd. However this post isn’t going to be about wine, shocking I know, instead I have decided to write about wine country accommodations.

Most people have noticed that in wine country everything seems to be just a little bit more expensive, (sometimes a lot more expensive!) and I have to say that many times I have paid more than I felt was warranted. However, on my most recent trip I was fortunate enough to stay at a FRBO (for rent by owner) in Paso Robles called The Tolle House. I am not going to go into a lot of detail about all the amenities, which would turn this post into a novel. I will say however The Tolle House seriously ROCKS!!!!  How about being able to turn on the outdoor spa from your bed, how insanely cool is that? Picture this, you slide out of bed, pour yourself a cup of coffee and slip into some bubbling hot water while you watch the birds flying overhead looking for their breakfast. And ever so slowly you feel your hangover disappearing. It’s basically magic.

This place would be the ultimate place to spend time with a small group of friends, six to ten would be perfect. And if you are a cyclist there is an onsite bike shop with professional tools. Check them out on the web.

A few photos are below, but there are many more at the site linked above.
Check out that beautiful brick! Yes, please.

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